All players and spectators must read and follow all safety and game rules without exception. Any violation of these rules will result in that player or spectator being ejected from field of play and/or premises.

  •  Approved Full Face Mask/Goggle Systems must be worn at all times past the neutral area or when testing your marker at the target range.

  •  No shooting into or out of the registration area, neutral zones, or parking areas. All guns must have barrel blocking devices in while in these areas. Barrel blocking devices are not squeegees or rags or towels. Guns may only be discharged on the playing field or at the target range.

  • Do not shoot the wildlife.

  • Do not shot at airplanes, parachutists, automobiles, etc.

  • No climbing of trees or on top of structures.

  • No physical contact.

  • No potentially dangerous gear. Players may not bring any form of tools onto the playing field. No types of firearms, pyrotechnics or explosives are allowed. The game site operator must approve all personal equipment.

  • Avoid field hazards.

  • Do not construct booby traps.

  • No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on the premises during play.

  • Smoking allowed in designated areas only.

  • No verbal abuse.

  • Do not attempt to remove the power sources or any parts from the rental guns.

  • Do not leave the guns in the direct sunlight.

  • No blind shooting. Players may only shoot at what they can see.

  • Judges decisions are final. No players will be allowed to argue with any judge.

  • Spectators must wear goggles/full-face mask with ear protection unless behind a safety netting that has passed the safety test. The spectators must be 2 feet back from the netting and must not lean against it.

  • Trigger guards are mandatory. It must encompass the whole trigger. Regulators are not trigger guards.

  • Semi auto mode only on the field of play. No turbo, burst, reactive trigger, full auto, zip modes allowed.


Game Information

  • Field hours: 0900 until 1700

  • Please make arrangements to be picked up around 1645

  • Lunch hour: 1200 or 1300 depending when players are ready to eat.

  • Airsoft check-in is from 0900 to 0915

  • Safety brief is 0915

    • Departure for AO is at 0930

    • Game starts at 0930 or earlier when possible

    • Game interval is normally 10 minutes. However, this may be stretched to allow better rest and re-hydration during the summer months.

    • Gates will normally be open by 0830. Early arrival is encouraged.

    • Please note, ALL times are subject to change depending upon circumstances.


  • Upon arrival, please check in at the shack to sign your waiver and pay your field fee. Afterwards, please check in with the airsoft admin table.

  • Please have ALL weapons to be used with you as your next stop is the chrono station. Be sure to have barrel covers secured in place over the weapon muzzles. Pistols just need to be on safe and holstered.

  • ALL players must be checked in at the shack and have weapons chronoed before they will be allowed access to the game AO. Please insure that your magazines are loaded and batteries are charged. If you are not ready to play when the first game starts, you will be added to a team when you are ready.

  • Please bring extra water during the summer as dehydration can occur rapidly. Also do not forget insect spray. If you have a lot of gear, a folding table would come in very handy.


  • These games are being put together for your entertainment. However, if you have a favorite game, field, or scenario, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. If the game is very complex you might want to PM the game information to game admin prior to game day. That will help us get more familiar with your rules.



  • Airsoft is based on the honor system. Please CALL YOUR OWN HITS!

  • Do not argue with the refs, their decision on the field is FINAL.

  • Raising your gun and shooting another player in anger is NOT acceptable you will be BANNED.

  • Swearing, yelling, or belittling another player will not be tolerated!

  • NO fighting...verbally or physically; law enforcement will be called if required by the situation.

  • No alcohol or drugs. Persons deemed "under the influence" of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to play. No illegal or illicit behavior will be tolerated.

  • Overall, treat people the way you want to be treated.

  • This is a game, we're all out here for fun. Show respect for your teammates and opponents as well.

  • Cheating will not be tolerated.

  • Respect other players' property. Don't handle players' weapons or gear without permission.

  • Marking your guns and mags is highly recommended. Loan guns & equipment at your own risk.

  • Players caught stealing will be handled by local law enforcement and will be banned from participating in future games and events at Graffiti.

  • Stay within AO boundaries

  • Do not spawn camp.

  • No intentional shooting of the refs.

  • All guns MUST be cased during transportation to and from games! This is a very serious issue.

  • All players and observers must sign a field/event waiver before they will allowed to exit the staging area into the AO.

  • Players under 13 must be accompanied by a Parent or Adult Guardian while on the field of play.

  • Players under the age of 16 must have a waiver signed by their Parent or Adult Guardian.



  • Hydration is critical. Please bring plenty of fluids (water, Gatorade, etc.)

  • If over the age of 16 full seal, ballistic rated goggles are required. Mesh goggles are NOT allowed. Shooting glasses are NOT allowed unless they are full seal and ballistic rated.

  • Players under the age of 16 must wear full face protection.

  • In the event of injury or loss of eye protection, PLEASE alert a field ref ASAP.

  • Absolutely NO firing under 10 feet.... Use the BANG rule instead. In order to use the bang rule you MUST have your weapon pointed at the target and be at 10 feet or less. The weapon must be operational and have ammunition.

  • No blind-firing. Shooters must be able to see both muzzle and target.

  • Absolutely NO pyrotechnics, open flames, or similar dangerous devices will be used at any time. Cold smoke devices MAY be used if approved by admin staff.

  • Gas grenades may be used as well as claymore mines. Exercise EXTREME caution when employing these devices. Trip wires may NOT be used, these devices will need to be remote detonated . Grenades MUST be LOBBED, not thrown. All claymores and grenades will be inspected prior to play for safety verification.

  • Red "dead-rags" are highly recommended.

  • NO MAGAZINES IN WEAPONS IN THE STAGING AREA. Keep weapons on safe. All weapons in the staging area will have a barrel cover securely attached to the muzzle of the weapon. Pistols just need to be on safe and holstered.

  • No shooting wildlife. This will not be tolerated..

  • Boots are HIGHLY encouraged due to the nature of the terrain.


  • One shot anywhere on the players body or equipment this includes field packs, Tac gear, etc, you're hit, call it. Ricochets and gun hits do not count as a hit.

  • Dead men walk, they do not talk. Passing information to a team mate while "dead" is tantamount to cheating. This is also true for use of radios while "dead".

  • A player shot by a team-mate (friendly fire) is still dead.

  • Live players will not use hit players or referees for cover or concealment.

  • When you are hit yell out HIT if you do not you will most likely get shot some more. Prominently display a RED dead rag on your person if you have one. Otherwise, raise your weapon over your head and DIRECTLY leave the AO as quickly as possible.



    • Standard AEG's are all weapons capable of full automatic fire.

    • DMR's (Designated Marksman Rifles) are special weapons with improved accuracy and optics and are limited to semi-automatic fire only.

    • Sniper weapons are limited to bolt action weapons or other weapons with their full-auto feature disabled.

    • Support weapons are limited to exact replicas of their military counterparts, such as the M249, M60, RPK, etc.


    • All weapons must be chronoed and approved by a Game Offical. .20g BB's will be provided at the chrono station so please bring an empty magazine for each weapon platform you will be using.

    • Maximum velocities will be expressed in fps as measured using .20g BB's and will be in accordance with the following table. Please note that these are guidelines for the maximum allowable velocities and in no way to be taken as a goal.

      WEAPON TYPE:           Maximum FPS
      Pistol                             350
      Standard AEG              400
      Support                        450
      DMR                             500
      Sniper                           550


    MED table: 0 to 349 fps                10 feet
                        350 to 399 fps            20 feet
                        400 to 449 fps            40 feet
                        450 to 499 fps            60 feet
                        500 to 550 fps            80 feet

  • AEG'S chronoed over 400 fps, but less than 450fps may be used IF, they can be locked into semi-automatic fire only.


  • Use of radio and electronic communications equipment on the field of play is acceptable and is in fact highly encouraged. However, covert monitoring of opponent radio channels is prohibited.


  • Special rules may be used during scenario play. These rules will be explained prior to entering the AO. 

    REMEMBER: This is a game, it is supposed to be FUN! Let's keep it that way.